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Ph.D. Psychologist

I bring 20 years experience to my psychotherapy practice, workshops / public speaking and consulting. 


Clients describe me as easy to talk to, real, and insightful in figuring out what how to make actual change, so life feels and works better.

Areas of Expertise

   Adolescents (Tweens/Teens)
   Twenties/Young Adults
   The Psychological and Emotional Side of Money

Adults: My work with adults includes individuals, couples and parents. I bring my experience working in business, non-profits and schools. Focus Areas include relationships, work, life direction, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, parenting issues.

Adolescents (Tweens/Teens): I specialize with early, mid and late adolescents. My work is shaped by close to 20 years in schools/universities as psychologist, teacher, consultant and parent. Focus Areas include school pressure, underachievement, social issues, self-esteem/identity, family conflict/divorce, anxiety, depression, self-harm, emotional issues related to Learning Difficulties, life direction.

Twenties/Young Adults: This is a particularly hard time in life- and the challenges are most often un-recognized and un-articulated by our society. Isn't it supposed to be the "best time in life"? Well, in reality it's often confusing, full of decisions and you may not be ready or able to find your direction or meet these expectations. I work with you to figure this out, in a safe place, where you can find your own direction.


The Psychological and Emotional Side of Money:  I help people deal with and talk about the difficult, often painful and complex emotional and psychological side of money. I work with people to figure out the unspoken and painful feelings, dynamics, relationships, meaning, values and behaviors related to money. I work with people across the economic spectrum. Topics I help on are relationships/family, work, under earning, workaholism, inheritance, adult-children's dependence, parenting and values, avoidance, spending and gender for men and women. I also work with organizations interested in the psychological side of money and how it relates to life issues. 

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Dr. Barbara Nusbaum

350 Central Park West, Suite 1AD

New York, NY 10025

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